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Unique Attraction – Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge TN

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The Titanic Museum is one of the largest attractions on the Pigeon Forge Parkway.  It will get your attention, no doubt.

I had visited the museum once before, not long after it first opened and was completely mesmerized by it’s contents! However, I was a little concerned about how the girls would react. Remember, I have a 3 and almost 2 year old so a museum isn’t exactly on our To-Do List often.

You’ll notice that all of our pictures are of the outside of the Museum and that’s because no photography is allowed inside.  

When you first arrive on board, you receive a card. The card contains details of an actual passenger that was on the Titanic. The card tells the name, country of origin, age, and details of why he/she was a passenger, as well as what class they were traveling on the ship.  

While you’re walking through the museum, it’s fun to look at where your “person” would have slept on the ship and see if you spy them in any pictures on the wall!

The museum is full of articles to read about the ship and it’s history, but there are so many wonderful pictures to admire, and the artifacts – they are breathtaking!

There are also quite a few “hands on” things that you can do in the museum. Two of my favorites are getting the chance to feel just how cold the water would have been the night the ship sank. At 28 degrees, it’s quite a memorable experience.  

The other exhibit that stands out is the varying degrees of what the ship’s stern would have been like as it sank and actually went upwards before going into the water. You’re invited to see if you would have been able to climb up – hubby wouldn’t even attempt the last one! Sophia enjoyed pretending to be the captain too!

It truly is an attraction that you have to see for yourself and I can imagine that it’s one that each time you go back, you take something else away from the experience. The Titanic Museum is truly a testament to all the Survivors of the ship and those that lost their lives that night.

It is said the best way to respect and honor those who gave their lives is to simply tell their stories.  –  Titanic Museum, Pigeon Forge website.

This is exactly what the Titanic Museum does. And remember those cards I told you about? At the end of the museum you get to search for your person to see if they survived that fateful night.

It’s a sobering reality to just how many lost their lives, but a triumphant rejoicing at how many were saved and how miraculous some of their survival stories really are!

The Titanic Museum is open year-around and they are constantly changing parts of the Museum to keep it fresh and entertaining for guests. There’s great Christmas decorations throughout the museum now and every Saturday they say it’s going to SNOW outside off the bow of the ship – how fun would that be to see!?

The Titanic Museum is definitely an attraction to NOT be missed on your next visit to the Smoky Mountains!

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