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12 Girlfriend Getaway Ideas To Do in Sevierville, Tennessee

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Looking to head on a trip with your best gal pals? Here are 12 girlfriend getaway ideas to do when you visit Sevierville, Tennessee!

At the risk of sounding a bit selfish, I was thrilled to think about taking a girlfriends getaway to Sevierville, TN! From the time I was a little girl to now that I have little girls of my own, we’ve always focused on family activities in the area.

Don’t get me wrong, family activities in the Smoky Mountains are tons of fun for everyone in the family, but I couldn’t wait to experience Sevierville from a totally different perspective of my own.

Here are my Top 12 Things to Do on a Girlfriends Getaway in Sevierville, TN:

On this trip, I saw the area and specifically the city of Sevierville, in a totally different light.  Some of the things we did were things I’ve done before and some were totally new.

But all were totally perfect for experiencing with a group of your closest [or new] girlfriends!

Explore the Smoky Mountains

We hiked up Clingman’s Dome, which is an absolutely gorgeous sight. It’s an easy climb, although straight up, because it’s paved.

Just take your time and enjoy the scenery and girl talk, like I did with Jenn from Cherish 365, and you’ll get to the top of the of the highest point in the Smoky Mountains National Park in no time.

Did you know?  The Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited National Park in the country and that it’s also free to visit!?!

Visit The Apple Barn

No trip to the Sevierville, Tennessee should be complete without a visit to The Apple Barn.

Located right on the edge of Sevierville, The Apple Barn is an area icon – with delicious restaurants, apple orchards, and one of the most unique gift shops around!

Winery Tour

Speaking of The Apple Barn, there is also a winery right on the grounds. I highly, highly, highly recommend the Rocky Top Wine Trail with Elite Limos.

We were whisked away in a limo to sample a delicious variety of wines made right here in the east Tennessee area.

Known for their sweetness [in both wines and friendliness], the wineries offer free tours and tastings for the public.

Where to Stay?  A Mountain Side Cabin

If you’re looking for girlfriend getaway ideas on where to stay, let me tell you… you must stay in a mountain-side cabin.  

It’s the only way to really experience the Smoky Mountains and the glorious outdoor beauty. It’s also a great way to split lodging with friends without having to sacrifice a room of your own!

We had the privilege of staying in a cabin in the Oak Haven Cabin Resort and with a Spa right on the grounds. Staying in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains really puts you in touch with the feel of the whole area… luxurious, outdoorsy, and private.

Shopping at Tanger Oaks Factory Outlets

Shopping, oh the shopping!  Sevierville has outlets, including high end stores at the Tanger Oaks Factory Outlet, to make everyone happy.  

I highly recommend going with a personal stylist, see Donna above, or a group of great girlfriends that will help you pick out what looks best on you… and spend just as much as you so you don’t feel one ounce of guilt!

Get Adventurous

There’s nothing like getting adventurous with a great group of girls, which is exactly what we did at Adrenaline Park.  Not only are they home to the longest Glass Bottom Skybridge, they also boast the longest and highest zip ride over water!  

That’s right, make your first ziplining experience the best [I totally did and LOVED it].

Take a Sunset Helicopter Tour.


Our helicopter ride with Fly Scenic was definitely a highlight of the trip too.  We went at sunset when the skies were absolutely beautiful and clear and you could see the Smoky Mountains in all it’s beauty.

Fine Dining

Not only will you not have to cook while you’re on your Girlfriends Getaway, you’ll have the chance to taste some of Sevierville’s finest cuisine!  

Now, please remember that you’re in the land of Sweet Tea and Fried Foods so enjoy your vacation and indulging while you’re here! There will be plenty of time for diets when you leave… or not if you’re like me and live here!

We had the opportunity to eat at a few fabulous restaurants during our trip including: Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant, cabin room service provided by Flapjack’s, The Diner, and…

Visit Downtown Sevierville, TN.

Did you know that Sevierville is the hometown of mega superstar Dolly Parton?

Sevierville, TN has a lovely downtown area and you can even get your picture with Dolly any time!

Connect with Your Girlfriends

That’s why you’re there in the first place, right?  After visiting all the sites and indulging in all the delicious food, get to know the ladies around you.  

Stay up late in your cabin and talk about blogging your common interests. Bask in the fact that you don’t have to carry a diaper bag around with you to every store. Get back to knowing yourself while enjoying the company of fabulous friends, both new and old!

Which of these girlfriend getaway ideas will your group enjoy the most? Be sure to follow my Tennessee travel board on Pinterest to stay up to date on all the great vacation ideas here in the Volunteer state.

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